News & Press Releases
Cesare bonetti valve and level gauges
Apr 13, 2020

Few months ago,ZNL signed exclusive partnership with Cesare Bonetti valves and level gauges to stock and resell CBV products in Nigeria and West Africa region.

CALDIC Partnership
Aug 16, 2019

ZNL recently received recognition as a representative/distributor CALDIC-A full-service distributor engaged in the production and distribution of solutions in Industrial, Health & Personal Care, and Food markets, the products captured in the agreement are:

Mooring ropes and chains
Mar 13, 2019

ZNL Marine dept. has successfully transacted and established technical relationships with KEY marine suppliers(TEHO, SOTRA, etc)for MEG 3-MEG 4 update of some of our clients' vessels; these transactions were executed between October 2018- January 2019

Mar 13, 2019

ZNL signed exclusive local representation of VALON VALVES LIMITED (High temperatures, high pressures, and other extreme conditions that require robust field-proven valves)Valon Valves represent quality global manufacturers of the trunnion, floating ball, and butterfly valves. These designs have evolved by utilising our joint experience in solving critical process problems in harsh environments.

Partnership with Planeta Hebetechnik
Feb 28, 2018

ZEZ Nigeria Limited became the NIGERIA exclusive distributor of lifting equipment (Lever Hoists, Rope winches, Ex-proofs, etc)from PLANETA Hebetechnik GMBH on October 1st, 2017... With this partnership ZNL will be able to set up assembly plant in country as well have relevant stock of after parts for lifting spares and complete units